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Tamara Bessmertnaia


I'm Tamara Bellis

I am engaged in design engineering and solve business problems by using design and marketing tools. Good design helps to improve the level of service of company, to acquire loyal customers and increase profits. By working on projects, me and my clients improve the business and make the world more beautiful and happier.

I am interested in large and complex projects. I like to think, analyze, organize, and try myself in new directions. In my work I always look at the problem through the eyes of client's customer. This approach makes it easy to understand what and how to do. This is my job - explore the customer's way and keep it smart and friendly. The result of this work are expressive logos, impressive presentations, beautiful books, clear navigation, convenient sites and other useful things.

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By creating logotypes I think about style, uniqueness, attractiveness, transfer the correct image, good readability and creativity. Clear and recognizable image of brand helps handling the attention of consumers and boosts sales.

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Business Cards

In modern life business cards are a mandatory attribute. We use them to transmit information, to confirm the solidity and the good reputation of the firm. For everybody it’s pleasure to have good designed cards with unique style.

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Business Identity

A brand identity is the large distinct visual look that is associated with a company. When a brand identity really works, you should be able to recognize the brand even if you don’t see the logo. Actually, it's the main idea of identity.

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Magazine & Book Layout

Layout is the process of placement the text and graphics at the pages of publications, meets the definition of a composite, hygiene and style requirements. It's one of the most important steps in printmedia industry.

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Banners and flyers

Banners and flyers are the great way to transmit information. To inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, etc. With help of graphic designer they will be beautiful, creative and friendly.

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Web Sites

The site is one of the best tools in advertising your business, products or services. It's a showcase of your company. It reflects the level of your professionalism and presentability.

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