Coffee House Project

Logotype, Branding Identity and Coffee Cups

"Coffee House" is one of the largest chains of coffee cafes in Russia. Their coffee houses are an ideal place for meeting and socializing, working and relaxing.

They are open and positive. Just one cup of their coffee in the morning sets the rhythm for the whole day. "Coffee House" is coffee in the rhythm of life!

One of their cafe in Magnitogorsk needed rebranding of company's logotype and, accordingly, new design of business identity.

Graphic Designer Tamara Bellis

Coffee House Project by Graphic Designer Tamara Bellis

Graphic Designer Tamara Bellis


The structure of the corporate identity is including: Company Form, Corporate Envelope, Business, Notebooks and Writing Materials for waiters.

The general colors of "Coffee House" is brown and white. An addition of 2 new colours - grey and black brought a little seriousness and vintage chic.

Visitors of Magnitogorsk Coffee House are office workers who want to relax with a cup of coffee during a break. So, colours of Coffee House don't bother customers, contrawise help to relax and just enjoy the time.

Coffee House Project by Graphic Designer Tamara Bellis


Design for Everyday and for Christmas
5 different cups

In modern life it's an absolutelly usual thing, take your coffee away. The companies try to keep their coffee cups good and smart designed, because coffee cup design is the best way to standout from the crowd and promote your brand to the outside world.

I created standard everyday cups in 3 different variations: white, brown and black. For Christmas time I have designed 2 styles of cups with drafts, which were created with Wacom Draw Pad Intuos Art. This way customers enjoy not only drinks, but also beautiful and positive cups, which remember them about forthcoming festive season.

Graphic Designer Tamara Bellis