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Our life is the biggest mystery in the world! The mystery full of advetures, feelings, experiences, people and endless beauty. We eat delicious food, we travel around the world, we listen music, we dance, we smile, we laugh... It's only us who build our lifes, so everything is in our hands.

I choose happiness, love and goodness around me. I believe, I hope, I create. My life full of colours and beauty, because I do what I love with all my passion and power.

About my work


I am engaged in design engineering and solve business problems by using design and marketing tools. Good design helps to improve the level of service of company, to acquire loyal customers and to increase profits. By working on projects, me and my clients improve the business and make the world more beautiful and happier.

I am interested in large and complex projects. I like to think, analyze, organize, and try myself in new directions. I am used always to look at the problem through the eyes of client's customer. This approach makes it easy to understand what and how to do. This is my job - explore the customer's way and keep it smart and friendly. The result of this work are expressive logos, impressive presentations, beautiful books, clear navigation, convenient sites and other useful things.


What else I am doing

Sharing with you my personal projects

Founder of Fianchetto

Online Chess School for children

I started to play chess at the age of seven, already at nine I became a champion of Mirny. After many years of training, I started to teach children to play chess. Having 16 years of experience in chess, I realized that all the rules of the game are applicable in life. Learning to play chess, we learn to do the right moves not only on the board, but also on the way of life.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Shiny Honey Blog

Shiny Honey is the place of inspiration that covers everything from the life in a greek island to the hottest trends of the season. There I'm sharing my everyday life in a simple way but always with happy and kind vibes. Just in one year the blog has became one of the most popular street fashion platform in Greece and in Europe.

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While I was playing chess around Russia, I was also interested in modeling and fashion, where I got more and more involved. So on the young age of 14 I started my carrer on the podium as a fashion model. The experience I've got there was the perfect base to run photo studio which offers high quality wedding, love story and fashion photography to customers.

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start: 4 august 1994


Childhood in Far Siberia

Snowtown Mirny - diamond capital of Russia

Time full of snow, yakutian nature, siberian frost and beauty. Days of my first "Hello" to computer and IT world.


Graduation with Honor degree

Yakutian State School

My Road to adulthood with new opportunities and discoveries.


Study in University of Printed Arts

Capital of Russia - Moscow

The study of programming and IT as Business Analyst. At the same time, teaching in state institutions of Moscow as IT Specialist in MacBook Pro for children.


Sunny life in Greece

The country of inspiration

House near the sea, hot air and tropical storms... I moved to live in Greek Island and found the inspiration itself.


Ready to create

New projects and ideas

Nowadays I'm happy to use all knowledges and courage with a mission to bring to the world all the best and beautiful what I can.